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Ukraine wins ladies’ biathlon relay for first silver

Ukraine wins ladies’ biathlon relay for first silver

KRASNAYA POLYANA, Russia (AP) — Four teammates endured proudly behind the Ukraine banner, smiles beaming, celebrating their nation’s first silver medal during the Sochi Olympics.

Parliament paused into the profoundly split Ukraine to mark the occasion.

After times of life-threatening anti-government protests, so when government and opposition leaders labored on a political treatment for the months-long crisis, the Ukrainian ladies offered what’s promising with regards to triumph Friday into the 4×6-kilometer biathlon relay — Ukraine’s first Winter Olympics silver medal in 2 decades.

“Great proof of just how sport can unite the world,” Sergei Bubka, the pole vault great and frontrunner regarding the Ukraine Olympic Committee, posted on Twitter. “Moments after girls won Ukrainian that is gold Parliament talks . Speaker greeted the group, MPs sang nationwide anthem! It really is an of crucial decisions in parliament day. Hope the energy of sport assistance to locate unity.”

“we have always been really proud,” Bubka stated. “The girls brought this type of success that is fantastic which actually we required today for the Ukrainian people, to create the light, to carry the bright future and also to show that Ukraine exists, the Ukrainian individuals together.”

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